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IDEA Recipes shared by families for families

This Blog post shows you ideas from families for other families.We are happy to receive your pictures and text for sharing here.
# Persimmon Jam ( Spread )  : by Ms K.Y. 

- Persimmon ( ripen ) : 200g
- Suger :  25g
- Lemmon (lime) juice : 1 large spoon
- ( if you have) Plum from Plum liquor : 5 pieces

Step 1.  Cut persimmon into small pieces ( past or cube)
Step 2.  Add Sugar, wait until juice comes from persimmon
Step 3.  Add lemon juice and add plum wine or other liquor ( if any).

Step 4.  Boil it on middle heat 
if you feel astringency, you can try adding butter.

# Kale Snack by Ms. J.S 

1. Ingredients ( TSF Kale, olive oil, salt )

2.  Mix all ingredients and put it into oven. ( 160-180 degrees C)

3. check its condition  ( duration should be adjusted )
    it can be crispy,  keeping green. 

4. ready to enjoy with kids ( with beer )

Thank you for sharing, J.S. san!


# Mushroom package for gardening!   shared by Y.H. san

This plants are grown in the packages of mushrooms with nursery soil.

And, this SHISO plant are grown from " a Stem of plant " by cutting( 挿し木)


This Paper pot can be used for 2 months ( Y. H san said )

We can provide you with seed and nursery soil for your garden! 
if you have any requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.