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Qualified Sea Fish from “ Phan Ri “ on 11th Feb.

Dear our families and restaurants chefs 

On 11 February ( Saturday) , we will receive fresh fish from Ms Ngọc Lanh ( phan Ri).

We are happy to inform you all an order page on Friday in the evening to let you know “ which kind of fish are available “.


please check Fish Collection on Top page of Thien Sinh Farm collection for updated information.


What's the difference with normal sea fish at supermarket?

Ms. Ngọc ( an invested to contracted fish boats as well as buyer of the qualified fish )  explained us about an efficient way to prepare the best quality of fish.

 1. Rapidly cooled with seawater ice prepared on board. (Purchase highly transparent seawater off the coast, make ice, and load it on the ship)

2. Since the contract with fish boat is for half-day operation and return to port, she can always get sea fish freshly caught and preserved in clean salt water ice ( lower temperature, same EC as of fish)

<=> in normal case, fish boat will not come back to the port unless they catch enough amount fish, that’s why fish will not be fresh because of high temperature. Sometimes fisher man need to use chemicals to preserve fish.

Ms. Ngọc operates 3 cold trucks for delivery. 

Because of the high quality preservation, she started exporting processed fish ( Dried fish ) to Japan.

please try Ms. Ngọc’s sea fish !