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Fish Mint Juice

Fish Mint Juice has many good effects for the body:

  • Purification, detoxification.
  • Liver cooling,
  • Treat pimples.
  • Helps reduce fever for children and adults;
  • Cure dry cough, sore throat, hoarseness;
  • Beautify skin, brighten skin.

Fish Mint is very good for the liver, so the use of lettuce juice will help cool the liver and purify toxins extremely effectively.

* How to make Fish Mint Juice:

- 300g Fish Mint

- 1/2 pineapple

- 1 liter of water

* Blend the above mixture and filter out the residue to have a good glass of juice for the body, we can combine with other fruits such as guava, apple, or honey for many choices.
* Should use 3 times a week with each 500ml - 700ml

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