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News from Thien Sinh Farm / お知らせ

Dear customers

Thank you very much for using Thien Sinh Farm products.
The following is an announcement.

1. Our pork fresh meat will be delivered with vegetables from 26-28 ( days).

2. We organize a webinar on Sunday (24th), if you are interested please put" Webinar Ticket " with vegetables


□ New delivery schedule (from 18 Oct ) is shown on the top page.
□ If you would like to make a payment at the end of the month, please contact us.
□ We would appreciate it if you could continue remittances

□ 毎回の現金集金も承ります。現金支払いチケットをお選び頂ければ集金ミスを防ぐことができますので、是非ご利用いただければ幸いです。
□ 銀行振込の皆様は、引き続き送金をお願いできれば幸いです。

~New Delivery Schedule~

Please click the picture for next week's delivery from 25 OCT (Monday) to 29 Oct (Friday)

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Thien Sinh Farm News for next week!

Article about 4ps and Thien Sinh Farm (in JP only)

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