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UPDATE: at 12:00 on Friday Today

Order Page for delivery from Tuesday to Sunday next week will be available from 14:00 Today.

Important Notice

"Carton and glass bottle collection will be restarted next week. We are facing problems with those materials because of lack of supply from factories.

Thank you for your understanding and support for carton and bottle collection.

New products

Pizza 4Ps products ( Frozen products, Fresh cheese)

Seasonal Fruits: Laba Banana, Lime, Orange, persimmon etc.

Cash payment week

+ please buy " cash payment ticket (at Reception or to Delivery staff ) *



1.  次週現金の集金を行います。お手数ですが商品ページに表示されます「Cash Payment ticket 」をお選びください。(毎週の集金ではございません。次回は11月初旬を予定致します)
2. お支払い頂くご注文番号とお名前をローマ字で記載くださいませ。
3. ダンボールや空き瓶の回収も実施致します。(コロナの影響で、これら資材の供給 が止っており、回収が急務です。ご協力をお願い致します)


Thank you for supporting Pizza 4P's

Article about 4ps and Thien Sinh Farm (in JP only)

4PS #10Years Anniversary

~New Delivery Schedule~

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Thien Sinh Farm News for next week!

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