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Delivery for disrict 7 & 4 ?

You have 2 options during a week, Monday and Thursday.

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delivery time :6:30-10:00

Delivery for District 1 & 3 ?

You have 2 options during a week, Wednesday and Friday.

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delivery time: 6:10 - 10:30

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delivery time: 10:00- 13:30

Delivery for District 2 & Binh Thanh & (Go Vap)?

You have 2 options during a week,Tuesday and Friday.

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*Delivery to Go Vap is available on Tuesday only.

Delivery time: 6:10 - 11:30

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Delivery time: 6:30- 9:30

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Partners' info.

Partners' info.
Thien Sinh Farm was started in 2011 for the purpose of agricultural technology exchange between Japan and Vietnam and the development of sustainable agriculture. Based on mutual support with partners who aim for a sustainable society, we continue to seek agriculture that suits the climate of Vietnam, without relying on chemical substances such as pesticides, by learning from natural mechanisms.

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Partners' information