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News from Thien Sinh Farm / お知らせ

News for next week 17 to 21 January 2022 (Order page is open at 14:00 on Thursday 13 January)

~ Recommended vegetables ~

Thank you for always support ♪ The weather has recovered and the sunshine has returned. Vegetables have also regained their energy. Iceberg and Batavia Lettuce, Radish, Kales, Fresh green garlic are delicious at this time.

Seasonal fruits: Mandarin, Dried Persimmon.

~ Other information ~
This Week's Tips: Group Purchase

Group purchase is a service that saves shipping costs by sending group vegetables in the same box. Since it will reduce the amount of materials, we are also returning eco points. It can also be used for "when inviting friends who can try a small amount of vegetables".
Q & A
Q1: How to register?
A1: We will register if you contact us by email or line.
Q2: How to pay?
A2: We can handle both individually and as a group. The statement will be issued individually. The total amount is also displayed.

We look forward to your use.





季節のフルーツ:オレンジ, 干柿.




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Thien Sinh Farm News for next week!

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Partners' info.

Partners' info.
Thien Sinh Farm was started in 2011 for the purpose of agricultural technology exchange between Japan and Vietnam and the development of sustainable agriculture. Based on mutual support with partners who aim for a sustainable society, we continue to seek agriculture that suits the climate of Vietnam, without relying on chemical substances such as pesticides, by learning from natural mechanisms.

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Partners' information