Please enjoy shopping for next week! 次週のお野菜をお選びください!御利用頂き誠にありがとうございます。

Happy Lunar new year 2020

New product for next week

Dưa leo-Cucumber-きゅうり

Limited vegetables

Súp lơ xanh Baby-Baby Broccoli-ブロッコリーBaby

Súp lơ xanh - ブロッコリー - Broccoli

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The Popular fresh keeper in Japan is available! this A3 size bag can keep fresh vegetable much longer. We hope you try it to keep vegetable during TET holiday. 

Plastic Boxes

TSF is collecting plastic boxes of Tomato and Shiitake for Recycling. Please let delivery staffs know if any questions

Farm Visit

We would like to receive families here : Thien Sinh Farm

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