[NEW] Delivery Hotline : 0703993705 (Tel, Zalo)

How to pay?

Step 4: Make payment

 Option 1: Cash payment at reception:

Please write the information: name, room number, amount and seal the envelope.

 Option 2 : Cash payment to delivery staffs: 

Please send the payment cash to our staff directly when you receive vegetables.

If you select option1 or 2 (cash payment), please put below "payment method item" into cart when you order. This helps delivery staff not to forget reception.

Option 3:  Bank Transfer after receiving vegetables:  

Please kindly refer our bank information on invoice and payment history (PDF) sent via email.

NOTE: please put your order number and name when you conduct Bank Transfer.

* If you prefer to pay monthly, please notify us in advance, then we will send monthly invoice in the end of month.
 ** Please do not Transfer money before receiving vegetables.