[NEW] Delivery Hotline : 0703993705 (Tel, Zalo)

How to receive

Step 3: Receive the product

Option 1: Receive directly

Before delivery, we will send email an invoice with estimated delivery time information. Please note the phone number during delivery.

Option 2: Keep at reception or security guard

If you want to leave your vegetables at reception or security guard, please contact us in advance.

Option 3: If you would like to receive your order outside of our delivery schedule, please contact us before 10:00 am of the preferred date. We will deliver by Grab from the address: 180/40 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh, HCM.

Customers shall pay Grab fee.

After receiving the vegetables, please compare the delivery quantity with the actual invoice quantity. If there are any problems, please notify us via:
Line: https://lin.ee/rJxe0bq
Hotline:  0703 993 705