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News from Thien Sinh Farm / お知らせ

News for next week ( Order page is open at 14:00 on Thursday)

~ Recommended vegetables ~

1. Laba Banana
2. Japanese tomato
3. Round eggplant
4. Malabar spinach

~ Other information ~
1. Instruction of ECO point
- You might get eco-points when you buy "Eco-products with ⭐️ Star icon"
- Additional ⭐️offer ( tentative ) : You get eco-point by group purchase as well . ( get 5 points with 250,000 VND group purchase)
- You might see your available eco-points on your " Confirmation notice PDF sent via Email before delivery"


1 Laba バナナ
2 大玉トマト
3 丸茄子
4 ツルムラサキ

- 共同購入でもエコポイントを獲得できます。 (例:250,000ドンの共同購入で5ポイントを獲得)

~New Delivery Schedule~

Please click the picture for next week's delivery from 29 November (Monday) to 03 December (Friday)

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Delivery Area ( Click pictures to open location maps)

Blog posts

Article about 4ps and Thien Sinh Farm (in JP only)

4PS #10Years Anniversary

Thank you for supporting Pizza 4P's

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