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Thien Sinh Farm BEEF

Introducing beef.

Thien Sinh Farm has a cyclical agricultural production. The core of this is cows. Cattle are a very helpful partner in helping to produce good quality compost from forage such as pasture. Feed is laboriously produced on the farm to maintain the health of the cow. Of course, we do not use any imported feed (genetically modified crops).
The vaccine is given as a calf, but it is raised without using any of the drugs commonly used in Vietnam such as antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones. The reason is that it will not be possible to produce good quality compost. We believe that inoculation with antibiotics will reduce useful microorganisms (including lactic acid bacteria) in cow dung.

This year, I would like to make 3 meats a year and deliver them to my home. We are delivering the second meat from this week. Last time it was a male, but this time it is a female cow. Therefore, it has a lot of fat. I think the meat quality is better than last time.

The number is limited, but we would appreciate it if you could give it a try.

Supplement: From slaughter to meat, we have the cooperation of Bo KOBE, a Japanese company (TCC group company).






↑ fermented whey from Pizza 4Ps.

Processed by the support of " Bo KOBE" founded by a Japanese company.