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Group code

Introduction of group purchase code:

We are happy to support you with the troublesome calculation of group purchases and the totaling of quantities by applying "Group Purchase Code"

How to register and use:

○ If you contact us with your request, we will issue a representative code of the group. (We provide LinK that can enter the code automatically.)

○ You can enter the code in the Discount Code field when ordering.

○ Please share it with all the members of your group.

○ Each person orders from the website, and the item and price of each person are displayed.

○ Shipping and discounts will be calculated from the total amount and a PDF* will be sent to the representative by email the day before delivery.

* The representative's invoice PDF shows the group name and total amount at the top of the PDF.
* Members will also receive an individual shipping confirmation email the day before delivery.
* Delivery notes will be printed for each member and delivered together with the vegetables.
*Vegetables will be packaged and delivered (not in individual boxes)


□ If you are a member of the group, please register your account.
□ When using a group code, it is not necessary to enter another code.
□ If you would like to be delivered to Reception, please fill in the memo column. TSF will deduct 10,000 VND.

□ Please order every delivery date. (If you place an order for multiple days, errors may occur.)

If you have any questions, please contact delivery.hcmc@thiensinh.net .

Thank you for your understanding!