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Bộ sưu tập: ECO points goods (draft)

This collection shows " kinds of eco-product" can be ordered with your eco points.

For example:

1. Honey 

2. Compostable bag for family use

3. Coffee bean ( raw and roasted) from Sustainable coffee production

4. Nursery plant / seed and soil set for gardening

5. EM liquid for waste composting at home

6. banana leaves for family use in stead of paper dish for party

7. Farm tour invitation with lunch at Farm

8. pizza work shop invitation at Thien Sinh Farm office in Binh Thanh District

9. Rare products from Farm : 

10. Test products with value price

11. Coupons for Thien Sinh Farm product on WEB site.


Please give us your idea for ECO-Point goods according to your request!

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